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In lieu of an all-day outing, John had to work, we decided to go for lunch at Atmosphere. It was my first lunch experience, although I’ve been there several times for their well-timed happy hours that are from 10pm – midnight.

We all decided on variations of the set lunch menu, which at RM32 is not too shabby.

Of course, included in the price is the view, because Atmosphere is on the 18th floor of Sabah’s tallest building, the Tun Mustapha Building, also referred to as the Sabah Foundation Building. Tall enough for it to every year host a BASE jumping extravaganza, usually timed with Merdeka Day – doesn’t look high enough to BASE jump from to me, but what do I know.

Anyway, Atmosphere is not just high up, but it’s also a revolving restaurants, the only one of its kind on Borneo, I believe. So in the span of an hour, you will get a 360 degree view of the surroundings, which includes, if you’re lucky, a view of Mt. Kinabalu, and also the Crocker Range of mountains, the bay area and of course, Kota Kinabalu itself.

Having frequented Atmosphere mostly at night, I’ve never really had the chance to appreciate the view and it certainly is stunning.

The meal was ok too – there are a few variations on the menu and I ended up choosing a soup for started, grilled chicken for mains and the single choice of Creme Caramel. The soup came in a giagantic bowl, which even though it was only half filled, still almost constituted a meal on it’s own. A curry pumpkin (?) soup, very flavoursome and delicious. The chicken came ala Nasi Ayam style. It was supposed to come with a Tomyum sauce, but that was lacking, and I the sauce in general was a bit scarce, so my last spoon of rice went down dry.

The Creme Caramel was delicious and at the end of the meal I was well stuffed.

Atmosphere does things a little different and the decor is complemented by the cutlery and crockery that they use, which are interestingly shaped and curved and almost too funky. My plate, for instance, wobbled on the table, but I ate on the one side of my plate which solved that problem.

I loved the pieces the coffee and tea were served in.

I still prefer this and an evening venue though (justifies drinking alcohol, they do great cocktails), but lunch is a defo.

I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I’m still using my 1mpx phone camera *sigh*.

Creme Caramel and Funky Cup and Saucer setCup and Saucer setOrange & Chocolate Guate

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