Giant Shitake Mushroom Bargain

After some moaning, performing and general unpleasantness about the whole thing, my friend Julia finally convince me that going shopping was needed to restock my bare empty cupboards.

We went to City Mall on the fringe of town sure, but also the home to the biggest Giant supermarket in Kota Kinabalu. The last thing I want is crash through narrow isles in my quest to find stuff which are illogically arrange in narrow alleys where trolley rage is only a basket bump away.

We made it to check with our basket of goodies, containing, amongst other things, some shitake mushrooms. They usually sell for around RM3.50.

It was only when we reached home that we realised our trip had amusingly paid for the itself. As we unpacked our loot we noticed the ridiculously low price of our mushrooms.

Giant Shitake Mushroom Bargain

Giant Shitake Mushroom Bargain

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