KK Taxi Tales

I just spent a weekend in Kota Kinabalu going about the business of being a tourist; seeing sights, visiting islands and, of course, the most dreaded of all activities: taking a taxi.

I hate taking taxis purely because I usually have to bargain – no, beg – to have inflated prices lowered. Alas, I’m a tourist, inflated prices are my cross to bear.

But, ride with me for some good, bad and uplifting KK Taxi Tales – I will even use the meter…

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How Beer Saved The World

I just upgraded to WordPress 3.6 and what better way to show-off it’s new features with a celebratory beer? Or at least a documentary about beer.


How Beer Saved The World is a Discover Channel documentary about beer that every beer drinker and non-beer drinker should watch.

So without further ado, pour yourself a cold one and watch it.